About CEREC Crowns in Brooklyn

CEREC Crowns in Brooklyn

CEREC® (Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic) is a crown procedure that takes just one dental visit. This is achieved with the help of a computer-assisted design (CAD) and a milling machine used to create custom-made restorative dental appliances for our dental patients in Brooklyn.

About the CEREC Process

A high-quality camera and a medical grade computer are used to photograph the tooth being restored. The 3-D software used to take these images allows us to see the tooth from every angle to make the most accurate restoration possible. Our cosmetic dentist at LuxDen Dental Center in Brooklyn can match your tooth’s color and other features of your teeth with ease.

How One-Day Dental Crowns Are Performed

There are three parts to this one-day dental crown process. CEREC® or one-day dental crowns start with preparing the tooth by removing all decay. Next, the opening of the tooth is made wider than the base. From there, detailed photos are taken. This allows our cosmetic dentist to look at the tooth at all angles.

After the design is done, a block of ceramic is chosen to match the tooth’s color. The overall milling process takes about 15 minutes. After it is created, it is placed dry to ensure it fits properly. Once the fit is determined, it is polished and put into the mouth.

With these same-day crowns, you save more of the natural tooth, get permanent ceramic restorations in minutes, require fewer dental visits, and have a less invasive dental procedure overall.

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At LuxDen Dental Center, we offer same-day CEREC crowns. To learn more and to schedule an appointment at our Brooklyn dental office, call us today at (718) 382-3444. Our professional dental team is always ready to explain the process to you.