Dental Cleaning in Brooklyn, NY

We know that brushing and flossing regularly at home is standard care for our teeth and gums. However, nothing beats a professional teeth cleaning twice a year. In addition to regular checkups, a professional teeth cleaning at a reputable office is fundamental to having a bright, white smile. It is also a requirement for overall oral hygiene and well being of the whole body. Proper care of your teeth prevents bad breath, yellowing and discoloration and plaque deposits which can cause unattractive spots and decay over time.

Insufficient dental care has also been linked to a number of illnesses. Heart disease, diabetes, tooth loss, bone loss and various stages of gum disease are all linked to poor dental hygiene and lack of care. These illnesses are all preventable when caught early during your checkup and cleaning. We can also detect early signs of problems such as fillings required or fractures as well as cavities and sensitivity.