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Replace Missing Teeth or Dentures In One Day

Teeth or dentures in a day is a procedure sometimes called Smile in a Day or same-day dental implants. Dr. Umanoff uses this sophisticated technique to replace single or multiple missing teeth, and which can restore entire arches of teeth on the same day.

Teeth or Dentures In One Day in Brooklyn NY

Treatment is especially suitable for people with loose and uncomfortable dentures, and who are looking for a suitable solution to stabilize them.

Usually, the cost of this treatment is significantly lower compared with conventional dental implant treatment, as relatively few dental implants are needed.

Dr. Umanoff may also suggest teeth when removing natural teeth and replacing them immediately with dental implant teeth in just one day in Brooklyn.

Why Choose Same Day Implants?

With this treatment, you can leave our dental office with new implant teeth on the same day as surgery. Conventional dental implant treatment usually takes months to complete, as first, the implants are inserted before they are covered and left to heal for between two and six months, a technique called delayed implant loading.

While delayed implant loading is a tried and tested technique, newer advancements in technology allow us to place or “load” the dental implants with new teeth soon after placement.

It is important to note that these teeth are usually temporary because a critical process called osseointegration must always take place following implant placement.

Osseointegration is the process where new bone cells start to grow around and actually on the implant post, and the post is designed to encourage this process, which ensures the implant post gradually fuses with your jawbone. After several months, it should be firmly fused in place and is extremely strong and stable.

During osseointegration, it is critical dental implant posts do not move as this will interfere with healing.

Therefore, temporary teeth are constructed in such a way to ensure multiple dental implants are splinted or locked in position, preventing any possibility of movement. If you require just a single implant tooth, it is fabricated in such a way as to prevent contact with the opposing tooth. Single implant teeth are designed to restore aesthetics, so you can smile and talk confidently, but they won’t be suitable for biting or chewing food.

Who Is Suitable for Teeth or Dentures in Just a Day?

Teeth or dentures in a day is especially suitable for people with multiple tooth loss or who are facing the prospect of losing their natural teeth entirely. Removable dentures are a far from perfect solution for tooth loss but stabilizing them with dental implants provides a cost-effective and long-term alternative with some significant benefits that include greater biting strength and jawbone preservation.

The requirements for same-day dental implants are the same as for all implant treatments.

You must be old enough that your jaws have finished developing, and all patients must have reasonable dental and general health. Dr. Umanoff screens our dental implant patients very carefully and will talk to you extensively about your dental and medical health and your aims and desires for treatment.

Brooklyn LuxDen Dental Center offers a comprehensive choice of implant treatments, and we want to ensure you receive the correct dental implant treatment providing an optimal outcome.

What Is the Procedure for One Day Dental Implants?

The procedure for same-day dental implants uses advanced high-tech dentistry, providing you with a custom procedure right from the start to completion.

Advanced Diagnostics

Initially, Dr. Umanoff will take advanced 3-D images and 2-D panoramic x-rays of your jaws and any existing teeth. These digital images are viewable at any angle, providing our team with in-depth knowledge about the location of your facial muscles, blood vessels, nerves, and which allow us to assess the quality and quantity of jawbone. The images allow us to determine which dental implant system is most suitable, to avoid essential structures during implant placement, ensuring we insert the implants in such a way as to maximize the use of available bone.

Dental Implant Planning

These advanced diagnostics are used to plan your implant treatment accurately. Computer simulation software allows us to position the implants in the jawbone digitally and to create images virtually rebuilding your teeth. We can alter the position of the implants until we are entirely sure they will create a strong foundation for your new teeth. Virtually planning your treatment ensures that once we fully restore your teeth, they will look and feel entirely natural and function correctly.

Printing Surgical Guides

Once we have planned your implant treatment, we create a template called a surgical guide with our in-office 3-D printer for use during surgery. We can achieve a high degree of accuracy by using a surgical guide as it ensures that the process for drilling and placing the implant replicates the virtual plan. Because we plan every detail before surgery, the actual surgical procedure is faster and smoother and more comfortable for you, and healing can be quicker.

Fabricating Replacement Teeth

Your teeth are designed during the planning stage and are manufactured in-house before your appointment. We have on-site milling equipment capable of producing high-quality and high-strength restorations made from the most advanced materials. Producing these restorations in-house allows us to monitor the quality closely and ensures they are always ready when required.

What to Expect after Teeth in a Day?

The entire procedure for teeth in a day is quite short and non-invasive, and we will ensure you feel entirely comfortable during surgery. Afterward, it is perfectly normal to experience some soreness for the first few days, and which is generally easily controlled with over-the-counter painkillers. We will provide more specific instructions at the time, including any prescriptions for antibiotics or recommendations for using an antimicrobial mouth rinse. If you have any concerns at any stage during your treatment, our experienced dental team is here to assist you.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Teeth or Dentures in a Day?

Advantages include:

  • Advanced planning and computer guided surgery ensures that treatment is faster and more comfortable.
  • Treatment will best utilize available bone, reducing or eliminating the need for bone grafting.
  • These procedures have been thoroughly evaluated and tested, providing success rates similar to conventional implant surgery.
  • Because teeth are restored on the same day, patients benefit from an immediate improvement in their quality of life and appearance.

Disadvantages include:

  • Treatment may not be suitable for everyone, which is why we evaluate every person carefully before recommending a specific procedure.
  • During the healing process, while implants integrate with your jawbone, you may need to change your diet, avoiding crunchy or hard foods that are tough to chew. Chewing very hard foods could potentially move the dental implants, impacting the success of osseointegration.

One day dental implants is a procedure that is technique sensitive and requires extensive training and experience and careful planning.

LuxDen Dental Center is equipped with the most advanced technologies, and Dr. Umanoff is an extremely caring and experienced implant dentist who takes enormous pride in continually updating and advancing his skills.

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