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Replace Missing Teeth In One Hour in Brooklyn NY

The ability to receive high-quality dental implants in one hour is very appealing, as traditionally single tooth implants can take months to complete. Now, in specific circumstances, it is possible to receive complete implant teeth a short while after completing implant surgery.

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Teeth in one hour is a treatment concept using what are called “immediately loaded” dental implants and which dramatically reduces the overall treatment time.Dr. Umanoff, dental implants specialist in Brooklyn, NY, can surgically implant your dental implants before placing the implant teeth during the same appointment.  While the actual surgery may only last an hour, the preparation phase may take several weeks, utilizing the same in-depth and advanced diagnostic and planning technologies used for all implant procedures here at LuxDen Dental Center.

At our Brooklyn dental implants center, we use only the newest and most advanced dental equipment available on the market in the USA. We use top-quality medical grade titanium or titanium alloy dental implant components, the same materials used for other bone implants and for orthopedic joint replacements. Difference between titanium and zirconia dental implants.

Why Choose Teeth in 1 Hour?

Teeth in one hour is an excellent solution for anyone who is time-poor and finds it difficult to schedule multiple dental appointments. Treatment is smooth and less invasive compared with conventional dental implants because it is incision-free.

Instead of making an incision into the gums to expose the jawbone before drilling a hole for the implant, the implant is inserted directly through the gum tissue and into the bone, eliminating the need for sutures.

Recovery time is shorter and more comfortable, and total treatment time is dramatically reduced. There is no need to struggle with uncomfortable temporary teeth while the implants heal, as instead, you receive teeth that are immediately functional, and which are aesthetically pleasing.

Dr. Leonard Umanoff is among the best dental implants specialists in Brooklyn and one of few implant dentists in NY region to offer newest and most advanced dental implant options and latest procedures. Dr. Umanoff of LuxDen Dental Implants Center is located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn NY.

Treatment is suitable for people missing multiple teeth or entire arches of teeth but can be equally useful for people missing single teeth. It is a procedure that is particularly good for people wearing removable dentures and who struggle with this prosthesis.

Teeth in an hour can eliminate the need to wear a removable denture entirely, and instead replacing it with a fixed bridge of teeth.

With conventional dental implant treatment, implant posts must fuse or bond with the surrounding bone during osseointegration, a process where new bone cells grow on and around the post.

This process is still important with teeth in one hour, but the posts are specially treated to speed up osseointegration, and the techniques utilized ensure the implant posts cannot move during healing.

Who is Suitable for Teeth in an Hour?

Suitability requirements for teeth in an hour are the same as for any dental implant treatment. You must have a healthy jawbone and gums, and you cannot have any active periodontal disease. There must be enough healthy bone to support the implant prosthesis, and additional treatments like tooth extractions or bone grafting may need to be completed before inserting your dental implants in one hour.

What Is the Procedure for Teeth in One Hour?

Teeth in one hour is an extremely advanced procedure that requires meticulous diagnostics and advanced planning before surgery.

Pre-Surgery Consultation

You will need to visit LuxDen Dental Center for an in-depth consultation with Dr. Umanoff during which he can assess your suitability for treatment and provide you with more detailed information about the procedure. Dr. Umanoff will need to examine your jaws and will discuss your dental health and your medical health.

We must have a complete medical history that includes any existing health conditions, and details of all medications used.

At this point, we can provide an approximate guide as to one-hour dental implant costs, but this initial estimate may be revised depending on subsequent diagnostic tests and if other procedures are needed, such as extractions or bone grafting.

Diagnostic Tests

We use highly sophisticated diagnostic tests that include a 3-D cone beam CT scan and 2-D panoramic x-rays. These images provide a wealth of information about the quantity and quality of bone available for dental implants, as well as the location of important structures like blood vessels, nerves, and sinus cavities that must be avoided during treatment.

The information is used to plan implant surgery, as Dr. Umanoff can manipulate the images to determine exactly where each implant is best situated, its depth and angulation.

Planning Surgery

During implant planning, we use digital images to rebuild teeth, ensuring that once your implants are complete, it is entirely comfortable for you to eat properly while providing excellent aesthetics. The next step will bring the virtual plan into the real-world by producing a surgical guide for use during your computer guided surgery. The surgical guide is a template that replicates the position and angulation of each implant, ensuring surgery is quicker and smoother.

Placing Your Dental Implants

Surgery is minimally invasive and can usually be carried out using local anesthetic. Using the computer-generated surgical guide ensures each implant is located in precisely the right position and is inserted to the correct depth and angulation.

Placing the implants is a quick process because no incisions are required.

The implants fit snugly into the sites created in your jawbone, eliminating gaps around them and which helps to speed up healing.

Fitting Your Replacement Teeth

Your replacement teeth are premade before surgery and are fitted soon afterward. If you currently wear a denture and like its appearance, we can even use it as a template when designing your new bridge. Once fitted, the bridge splints the dental implants together, preventing unwanted movement while restoring your smile and ability to eat. The bridge is permanent and cannot be removed.

What to Expect After Receiving 1 Hour Dental Implants?

Because the procedure to insert one-hour implants is generally incision-free, recovery is quicker, and there are fewer side-effects such as swelling. Usually, you should feel fine to return to everyday activities or to work the next day.

We will give you specific instructions on how to care for your mouth during healing and can show you precisely how to clean around the dental implants.

Healing should be uneventful, but if you have any concerns or queries, please contact our dental office so we can assist you immediately.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Teeth in An Hour?

Advantages include:

  • Surgery is normally incision-free because the implants are placed directly through the gum tissue, so recovery and healing is faster.
  • Because surgery is incision-free, swelling and discomfort is minimal.
  • Surgery can be completed using only local anesthetic.
  • You will leave LuxDen Dental Center with permanent, aesthetically pleasing and fully functional teeth.
  • Treatment requires fewer appointments as all planning is completed behind the scenes.

Disadvantages include:

  • Treatment is sophisticated and can be more expensive than other implant solutions.
  • If you require additional treatments like a tooth removal or bone or sinus grafts, these may need to be completed beforehand, delaying treatment completion slightly.

Teeth in an hour is a treatment with a high success rate when the implants are correctly planned and placed, and which is only possible using computer guided surgery.

The technique requires a high degree of skill on the part of the implant dentist to ensure the prosthesis looks and feels entirely natural. Patient compliance is another crucial factor, as you must have an excellent daily oral care routine and visit your implant dentist regularly for checkups. Poor compliance could eventually lead to infection and may ultimately cause implant failure.

All dental implants in Brooklyn are performed in our Sheepshead Bay location. If you have any questions about New Teeth in 1 Hour procedure or to schedule an appointment with a best rated dental implants specialist in Brooklyn Dr. Umanoff please call our LuxDen dental implants center.

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