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All-on-Four is a popular and cost-effective treatment in our dental implant center designed to help anyone facing complete tooth loss or missing multiple teeth in their lower or upper jaw or both jaws. We offer Free Consultation in our Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn NY office with the best rated All on Four implant dentist in Brooklyn Dr. Umanoff of LuxDen Dental Implants Center: ☎ 1-718-382-3444

all on 4 dental implants Brooklyn NYThe treatment was devised several decades ago, and extensive clinical research has established its effectiveness. Whereas conventional dental implant treatment often requires 6 to 10 implants to support a full arch prosthesis, All-on-Four uses just four optimally placed dental implants to secure an entire arch of teeth.


The implants used for All-on-Four are inserted slightly differently compared with conventional dental implants. All four dental implants are situated toward the front of the jaw instead of being spaced evenly throughout the arch.

  • Two dental implants are inserted vertically into the front of the jaw
  • Two dental implants are inserted either side but are placed at a 45° angle, tilting backward in the mouth

The reason for placing these dental implants at an angle is to take advantage of better bone quality at the front of the jaw.

Tilting the implants allows for longer implant posts to be inserted, increasing contact with the surrounding bone, and increasing overall stability. Also, tilting the implants extends the length covered by the implants so that a longer prosthesis with a greater number of teeth can be supported.

Why Choose All-on-Four?

All-on-Four is a treatment that is suitable for many people missing entire arches of teeth or who have suffered complete tooth loss.

People missing an upper or lower arch of teeth, or who are entirely edentulous will often struggle with full dentures that are a far from perfect solution for tooth loss. Changes to the shape of the jawbone can reduce denture retention, so they begin to slip and move uncomfortably, making it difficult to eat and even talk confidently.

Conventional dental implant treatment is one solution, but jawbone loss can affect implant placement.

Often additional treatments like bone grafting are necessary to prepare the implant sites, ensuring there is enough healthy bone to support the implants. Although bone grafting is one solution, not everybody wishes to or can afford this treatment.

While treatment is highly effective, the additional procedures increase the overall cost. The time needed to complete treatment also increases as bone grafts often require several months to integrate and bond with existing bone fully. Some people are not suitable for a bone grafting procedure. People with severe jawbone loss or who have particularly large sinus cavities or where the alveolar nerve is too shallow in the lower jaw might not be able to have bone grafting.

All-on-Four is a more affordable solution allowing denture wearers to replace dentures with a fixed arch of teeth.

All-on-Four is useful for people who have recently lost teeth, and it is often recommended to patients who lost teeth years ago or who have low jawbone quality or quantity that makes them unsuitable for conventional implant treatment.

All-on-Four offers edentulous patients the benefits of implant treatment. Previously these patients would have had no alternative option to traditional and often uncomfortable dentures.

Who Is Suitable for All-on-Four?

People wishing to have All-on-Four dental implants need to be in reasonable dental and general health. They mustn’t have any active periodontal disease, and any failing teeth may need removing before implant treatment.

Unlike conventional dental implants, the need for strong, healthy bone is reduced because of the way All-on-Four dental implants are positioned.

Treatment is specifically designed to maximize the use of healthy bone in areas where it is naturally stronger and thicker. Anyone currently wearing full dentures or who are facing the prospect of needing dentures may benefit from this solution, which provides a more permanent way to replace missing teeth.

What is the Procedure for All-on-Four?

You will require an in-depth consultation with Dr. Leonard Umanoff to determine your suitability for all on 4 dental implants treatment.

The consultation will cover your dental and medical history, as Dr. Umanoff must be aware of any medical issues and medications that could affect the success of treatment. The consultation is your opportunity to ask questions, including all on 4 treatment costs. These costs may vary according to the final restoration chosen and the materials used during your treatment.

dental implants all on 4 four Brooklyn NY

Diagnostic Tests

A cone-beam CT scan is required for all on four implants and is a detailed 3-D image that allows our all on four dentists to examine the condition of your jaws closely and to more fully assess the quantity and quality of bone available for dental implants procedure. The scan also shows other facial structures in greater detail, including the location of sinus cavities, nerves, and blood vessels.

All-on-Four dental implants is a treatment requiring good bone density towards the front of the mouth.

Usually, this isn’t a problem as the bone is naturally stronger and thicker in this area, even when a significant amount of bone loss may have occurred in other areas of the jaw.

Planning Implant Treatment

The cone-beam CT scan and possibly a panoramic scan are used to plan implant surgery. The images are manipulated digitally, allowing Dr. Umanoff to insert each implant optimally, ensuring it has the greatest contact with strong and healthy bone.

The images are also altered digitally to show how the final prosthesis will look and function once fully restored, and which is vitally important to ensure excellent aesthetics and functionality. Once your treatment plan is complete, a surgical guide is created, allowing the implants to be placed using minimal incisions.

Placing Your Dental Implants

The surgical guide is placed over your gums, allowing our dentist to replicate the treatment plan accurately. It ensures every implant is inserted to the correct depth and angulation more quickly and smoothly.

Fitting Your Replacement Prosthesis

Before the beginning of surgery, we create a prosthesis for fitting onto the implants soon after insertion. The prosthesis splints the implants together, preventing unwanted movement during healing. Although these teeth are most likely temporary, they will allow you to eat comfortably and to talk, laugh, and socialize with others during the healing process.

After your implants have fully integrated with your jawbone, you can return to LuxDen Dental Center for your permanent prosthesis.

What to Expect After Receiving All-on-Four Dental Implants in Brooklyn NY?

Because only four dental implants are required, healing should be relatively comfortable, and any discomfort will be minor and is usually easily controllable with over-the-counter painkillers. We will provide precise instructions on how to care for your mouth during the healing process, and our dental team is always here to answer further queries or concerns.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of All-on-Four?

Advantages of All-on-Four include:

  • Treatment can provide a good solution for people with poor jawbone quality.
  • All-on-Four can avoid the need for bone grafting.
  • Fewer dental implants are required, reducing the overall cost of treatment.
  • Dental implants can be immediately loaded, reducing treatment time.

Disadvantages of All-on-Four include:

  • Treatment isn’t suitable for everyone, but suitability is determined during your initial consultation.
  • Not every clinician has the skills required for this procedure, which is why it’s important to find an All-on-4 dentist.

When correctly planned and placed, All-on-4 is a low-risk and more cost-effective solution for people who have significant jawbone loss and who may have lost teeth many years before.

Generally, bone grafting isn’t necessary due to the placement of dental implants. As with all dental implant treatment, there is always a risk of implant infection if you fail to care for them properly and do not see your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings.

Dr. Leonard Umanoff is an internationally recognized, among the best dental implant specialists in Brooklyn. All on 4 dental implants procedure is performed in our Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn NY office. If you have any questions about All on 4 Dental Implants, mini dental implants or to make an appointment please call LuxDen Brooklyn implants center