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When you first start to investigate dental implants, you will discover that a lot of dentists now offer this advanced service. Many dentists will now place dental implants, having first completed a weekend course in implantology, but might only insert a few dental implants each year. These dentists frequently only have limited experience with one or two implant systems, so you might not receive the best implant system for your needs.

Also, because they insert implants so infrequently, their dental office is less likely to have the sophisticated  diagnostic equipment necessary for planning and placing dental implants. You may need to visit more than one location for your implant treatment which can be inconvenient and time-consuming, and potentially more stressful. Some dentists will not place implants but instead refer patients to another implant dentist in Brooklyn NY, only seeing them for the actual implant restoration.

Dental implants are an advanced procedure that, with the proper care and attention, can last for years or even for life, so it’s critical to choose your implant provider carefully. Make sure you read their biography, which is most likely available on their dental office website, and take note of further education.

Implant Dentist With Additional Training in Implantology

It’s important to look for an implant provider who has completed additional training in placing dental implants and who belongs to reputable professional organizations specializing in implants. Also, read any available information about the dental clinic and the equipment available on-site that should tell you if you will need to visit other locations for diagnostic tests or even for implant placement.

It’s far preferable if all your implant treatment is provided by the same dentist and dental team in one location. Finally, it is important to like and trust your implant provider as you will need to see them several times, and you must feel confident you are receiving the very best level of care.

The most professional and patient dentist I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. From the moment I came into the office I was greeted by staff right away waited no more than 2 minutes for the doctor, he was very patient and careful to explain what kind of procedure I needed and made sure to stop anytime I experienced any sort of discomfort, the procedure itself was Virtually painless and I recommend the dental services of this dental center to everyone and everybody

Matthew V.

Doctor Leonard Umanoff is the best dentist I ever had. Smart, highly skilled , very professional, kind and caring doctor! His team is amazing also! They treated me like their family member.
I would highly recommend this dental center to everyone. You will enjoy their great care, excellent work performance , using of new top dentistry technology and pleasant friendly atmosphere at the beautiful office. God bless Dr. Umanoff and his top dentistry team.

Shamsikamar Y.

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LuxDen Dental Center is the best dentistry center in Brooklyn for a number of reasons.
LuxDen Dental Center isn’t just a cutting edge cosmetic dental clinic but also a state of the art emergency dental clinic. We accept patients that are looking for last-minute emergency treatments or same-day appointments.

Our clinic stays ahead of the latest developments in dentistry and we are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technologies so that we provide the best dental treatment possible. Our board-certified expert dentists, our commitment to your comfort, our superior latest technologies, and our ethical stand makes LuxDen Dental Center the best dental clinic in Brooklyn.

Why Choose Dr. Leonard Umanoff?

Brooklyn implant dentist, Dr. Leonard Umanoff, is passionate about implantology, and it is his specialty. Dr. Umanoff has a deep knowledge of planning and placing dental implants and other procedures associated with implantology, including bone grafting and sinus lifts.

Over the years, Dr. Umanoff has successfully placed thousands of dental implants. His caring and compassionate approach toward dental care helps to set even the most nervous patients at ease. Here at LuxDen Dental Implants Center, we prefer a holistic approach, treating the patient and not just their teeth.

Dr. Umanoff is exceptionally well-qualified in placing dental implants and belongs to numerous professional organizations dedicated to Implantology. Although Dr. Umanoff does perform other dental treatments, implants are his favorite procedure where he can use his skill and experience to restore people’s smiles.

We offer a Free Consultation in our Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn NY office with one of the best dental implant specialist Dr. Umanoff at LuxDen Dental Implants Center: ☎ 1-718-382-3444

Why Choose LuxDen Dental Center?

LuxDen Dental Center is fitted with the most advanced diagnostic and restorative equipment, not routinely available in many dental clinics. We have the most innovative technology available today, which helps ensure you receive the latest treatments and techniques, and every procedure is fully customized to meet your needs more fully.

Our equipment includes an amazing 3-D imaging system that works seamlessly with our 3-D printer, creating surgical guides for use during implant placement and dental models. Our 3-D imaging system also works with our award-winning imaging software, helping us to provide the most accurate and predictable implant treatment available today.

Dr. Umanoff even uses minimally invasive dental burs when drilling the jawbone and which are highly suitable for people with a bony ridge that may not be high enough or which is too narrow. Above all, treatment is provided in comfortable and relaxing surroundings and by a professional and caring dental team.

You can trust Dr. Umanoff and the entire dental team here at LuxDen Dental Center to take care of you, throughout your implant treatment and during follow-up care. Dr. Umanoff’s extensive experience and skill combined with our use of the latest technologies ensures that every detail of your implant treatment is planned precisely, confidently providing you with the very highest standard of care.