Clinical Team

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Head Doctor’s Assistant

Born in Ukraine, Igor is the Head Doctor’s assistant. He aids our doctors during procedures and surgery and inputs notes into every patient’s chart during and after all procedures. Igor also is a CEREC crown tech and is in charge of the finishing process. Out of the office, Igor like to go out with friends and enjoy the nightlife in New York City.


Doctor’s Assistant

Born and raised in New York, Nick is Doctor’s assistant and our resident lab tech. He takes care of all orthodontic, surgical and 3D printing needs in our office. Outside of work he enjoys outdoor sports, video games and loves snowboarding!


Doctor’s Assistant

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Blossom aids the doctor and cares for the patient during all procedures performed. Blossom sterilizes all the supplies, makes sure they are at hand and prepares the room for every patient and the Doctor herself. Outside of her work duties, Blossom is into fitness and loves to work out as well as being a talented singer.