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Top Rated Implant Dentist in Brooklyn NY
Top Rated
Implant Dentist in Brooklyn NY

Tooth loss can be detrimental to your confidence and quality of life. But you don’t have to live with missing teeth. An implant dentist in Brooklyn can give you a new set of teeth in one day.

Dr. Leonard Umanoff is a top-rated, best in class dental implants specialist in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn NY. He is experienced and well-trained in implant dentistry. He offers the most advanced implants techniques and procedures.

Dr. Leonard Umanoff is passionate about implant dentistry. He ensures his patients receive the best dental implants. He chooses the appropriate new teeth for your needs and desires.

Visit Brooklyn Dental Implants Center for an honest and professional opinion about your dental health. Dr. Umanoff will only suggest dental implants if he believes they will provide optimal results.

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Dr. Umanoff graduated from Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry in 1995. He continued his education and graduated from NYU College of Dentistry in 1999. He is a well-qualified implant specialist with degrees from two countries.

Since graduating, Dr. Umanoff has spent the past twenty years expanding his knowledge. He spends his time attending continuing education courses in implantology.

Dr. Umanoff is on the North East Regional Board of Dental Examiners.

Extensive Training in Dental Implants

Dr. Umanoff is a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOL) since 2009. The ICOL provides extensive education in dental implantology to its members. ICOL is a renowned worldwide association of the top dentists.

Dr. Umanoff has received advanced training at the renowned Pikos Implant Institute in Florida. Pikos specializes in 3D based surgical implant courses, computer-guided dental implant surgery, and advanced bone and gum grafting techniques. He is a member of the prestigious American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics (AAIP). Many implant organizations worldwide are affiliated with the AAIP.

When you visit Dr. Leonard Umanoff, you will receive an honest opinion about your treatment options. Dr. Umanoff’s specialized knowledge allows him to make an in-depth review as to your suitability for dental implants. He will only suggest implant solutions if he is confident they will provide optimal results.

I had a wonderful experience in LuxDen! Doctor Umanoff is an attentive and knowledgeable professional. He cares about his patients and offers a wide range of services. I had a tooth extraction and it was easy and painless. The staff is friendly and provides you with all the info and advice you need. No hidden fees. Simon explains everything in an easy manner and I know what to expect. I will without a doubt recommend LuxDen to my family and friends.

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Advanced Dental Implant Solutions

Dr. Umanoff’s extensive experience and training allow him to use a wide range of dental implant systems. These include mini and zirconia dental implants. Patients benefit from receiving the best implant system for their needs.

Implant dentists with less experience and training are only able to use one or two different dental implant systems. These dentists will try to adapt these systems to fit their patient’s needs. Dr. Umanoff chooses the most appropriate implant system for each patient.

Experience and skill are important in planning and placing dental implants. Your new teeth must be situated correctly to ensure excellent functionality and appearance. This isn’t always straightforward. Implant dentists with less skill or who do not use appropriate technology may place a dental implant inappropriately. This achieves a less desirable result for the patient.

Immediately Loaded Dental Implants: Traditional dental implant treatment can take three to six months, or even longer complete. Now, we can insert and restore your new teeth on the same day. The technique is effective and reliable. Instant teeth provide just as good a treatment outcome as lengthier implant treatments. Read more about Immediate Load Dental Implants in Brooklyn.

Material for Dental Implants:We only use the highest quality, medical-grade titanium, or zirconia dental implants manufactured by reputable implant companies. These companies developed and clinically tested these implant components. You can be assured you receive an excellent and long-lasting treatment outcome.

Advanced Technology: Microscope-assisted precision implant dentistry is used to enhance a dental implant specialist vision to unprecedented levels. It’s used for polishing and finishing teeth margins and for contouring teeth and teeth implants.

Latest Diagnostic Methods for Dental Implants

The most effective dental implant treatments require extensive planning behind the scenes. With advanced technologies this is possible.

3-D imaging system

3-D imaging system for dental implantsOur dental office has a 3D imaging system. We use it to take a detailed 3D scan of your jaws. The scan provides essential information when planning and placing your implants. Staying on top of new technology eliminates room for error during surgery.

Visually reconstruct your full mouth in panoramic 2D & 360 3D x-rays:

  • Allows us to virtually plan treatment which leads to effective and predictive results
  • Works in conjunction with our 3D printer to create surgical guides and models

Planning Software for Dental Implants

From dental scanning and planning to drilling and implant placement, the software offers us a comprehensive 3D system for accurate and predictable implant treatment. Blue Sky Plan is an advanced treatment planning software for computer guided surgery. Dr. Umanoff uses this software to 3D print surgical guides and models to replicate virtual plans.

Planning Software for Dental Implants

Single-visit crowns for dental implants

single visit crowns for dental implants

Perfect for emergency visits and same-day restoration. Your crown is measured, planned, milled, and fitted the same day.

Now you don’t have to wait weeks between appointments. Have your implant crown created within hours.

Dr. Umanoff has been using CEREC for a decade and is recognized as a Master CEREC technician.

Biolase Dental Laser

Our dental office is equipped with the latest Biolase Dental Laser. Biolase is a sophisticated technology that combines laser energy with a gentle and soothing spray of water. Laser dentistry is faster and more accurate. With this new technology, any incisions are smaller. The energy of the laser seals the edges of the incision. These reduce discomfort and bleeding.

It is an approach that ensures your implant treatment is faster and minimally invasive. Your healing is quicker and smoother than ever before.

Why Do You Need to See a Brooklyn Dental Implants Specialist and Not a General Dentist for Advanced Implant Treatments?

Facing tooth loss is embarrassing and uncomfortable. Your general dentist will urge you to get new teeth as soon as possible. This is good advice. Losing teeth is detrimental to your appearance. Many people feel embarrassed to smile or talk in public. But tooth loss affects your oral health in other ways too.

When you lose teeth, your remaining natural teeth drift toward the gap. This destabilizes them and affects your bite. It is likely your general dentist can offer your dental implants. You know and trust them to take care of you. But there are several reasons why it is preferable to see a Brooklyn dental implants specialist for such an advanced treatment. Doctors who specialize in placing new teeth have a success rate of 95% or higher.

While general dentists may be confident placing single dental implants, things can and do go wrong. When this happens, a dental implants specialist can more effectively correct any problems. Chances are he will prevent them from occurring. General dentists are unlikely to have the skills required to plan and place more advanced and complicated treatments.

Why Brooklyn Experience and Training Matters?

Planning and placing dental implants is a complex process. It requires advanced training and extensive skill and experience. A dental implants specialist will have completed a substantial amount of advanced training over several years.

A specialist is always updating their skills, knowledge, and dental office equipment. They will routinely place dental implants every day. Carrying out multiple complex implant surgeries, including full mouth restorations becomes second nature to these experts.

In comparison:

  • General or family dentist might have completed just a weekend course in dental implantology. While this might provide them with a good overview, they lack the knowledge and skills needed to cope with treatments that aren’t routine. General dentists may not place dental implants enough to invest in specialized dental office technologies like 3-D image scanners or dental lasers.
  • Dental implants specialist have a plan for your treatment down to the last millimeter. By the time you sit in the dental chair for implant surgery, Dr. Umanoff will know precisely where each implant is to be situated and angulated. The treatment plan is replicated using computer guided surgery. All this is done while avoiding all essential structures in your jawbone. Nothing is left to chance. Our in-house dental lab technologies create your temporary or permanent replacement teeth with precision

This is important for anyone who requires more complex treatment. For example, complex treatments may require multiple dental implants.

Receive More Advanced Treatments

A general dentist can supply and fit straightforward dental implants. But their lack of specialized experience prevents them from more advanced oral surgery. You want a doctor experienced in procedures such as bone grafting and gum tissue regeneration. If you require more complicated dental implant treatment or have some oral health problems, a dental implants specialist is much better equipped to help you.

A dental implants specialist can supply all the treatments you need in one comfortable location. As a specialist has the training and experience in using a far greater range of dental implant systems.

General dentists often don’t offer advanced implants techniques such as:

  • All-on-Four
  • All-on-Six
  • Teeth in a day
  • Dentures in a day

Complex dental implant procedures require more extensive skills and training. If you visit your general dentist, they might suggest more traditional treatments. These take longer to complete and require more dental implants. They recommend this because they feel most comfortable using this approach.

Personalized Dental Care

Dr. Leonard Umanoff is renowned for being a caring implant dentist. He takes the time to listen to you. The goal is to understand your aims and concerns about dental implant treatment. He treats the entire person. He takes into consideration your well-being when planning your implant placement and restoration. Each process is customized to accommodate your oral health needs. We ensure your implant treatment is a complete success.

Do you have questions about dental implants? If you like to schedule an appointment with the top dental implant specialist in Brooklyn, Dr. Leonard Umanoff, please contact LuxDen dental implants center office.