How a Crown Lengthening Dentist in Brooklyn, New York Can Help You

If you believe your teeth are too short or covered with excessive gum tissue, you may want to speak to a crown lengthening Brooklyn NY dentist. During a crown lengthening, your dentist will remove and reshape any excess gum or bone tissue to give your teeth a longer appearance or to provide more tooth area for the addition of a crown. The Brooklyn dental implant clinic counts with the latest technology and crown materials and has extensive experience in crown lengthening. We can make your smile look like new.

Why You May Need a Crown Lengthening

You may need a crown lengthening procedure for cosmetic reasons or to create more tooth so that a crown can be attached to preserve the shape of your bite or jaw when a tooth needs repair. Sometimes, a tooth may decay underneath a crown that was placed some time ago, causing it to become loose or detached. If this is the case, the tooth length will need to be adjusted so that it can support the crown. Cavities may also occur deep below the gums, making it necessary to remove tissue in order to access them. This can be done with a crown lengthening procedure. A crown lengthening procedure may also improve the appearance of your smile, especially if the gums are uneven or if too much gum tissue is covering the upper teeth.

The LuxDen Dental Center of Brooklyn, New York will evaluate your case and determine what crown lengthening treatment is best for you.

Call to Schedule an Appointment with a Crown Lengthening Dentist in Brooklyn, New York Today

If you believe you may benefit from a crown lengthening procedure, call to schedule an appointment with a crown lengthening dentist today. At the LuxDen Dental Center, our professional dentist in Brooklyn, NY have years of experience in crown lengthening and count with the most modern and effective selection of dental crowns. Call us at (718) 382-3444 and let us answer your questions today.