Pain, Discomfort Associated with Dental Implant Surgery

Great deal of care by Dr. Umanoff in ensuring implant surgery in Brooklyn is as comfortable as possible

Quite understandably, people investigating dental implant treatment are concerned it may be painful or will cause a great deal of discomfort and are often surprised to find the actual implant placement procedure is relatively comfortable.Usually, discomfort is minimal because dental implant specialist Dr. Umanoff take enormous care to ensure every dental implant procedure is as smooth and as pain-free as possible.

A Pain-Free Dental Implant Surgery

During the actual surgery, you will not feel a thing as we use a local anesthetic to numb the area treated, or we can discuss sedation dentistry for more nervous patients.

On the day of surgery and before you even sit in the dental chair, we know exactly how your dental implant surgery will proceed, and every step is preplanned.

Dr. Leonard Umanoff, dental implant Brooklyn specialist uses computer guided surgery ensuring any incisions are minimal. When we do need to cut into a gum, we use an advanced dental laser that is far more comfortable, and the laser energy automatically seals any blood vessels, so bleeding is minimal, and healing is faster.

Discomfort After Implant Surgery Brooklyn

Laser dentistry is very accurate, and there is less swelling afterward. It is necessary to drill into the jawbone which might feel a bit strange, but it is entirely pain-free because the bone has no nerve. We take every precaution to keep you safe and comfortable during your treatment.

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Discomfort after Implant Surgery

Once the anesthetic wears off, you may have some minor discomfort that is easily controlled with over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen and which can help reduce any swelling. If you are concerned about the possibility of pain or discomfort, we can always talk to you about the best way to control it and, if necessary, can prescribe something to help you.

We frequently find people are pleasantly surprised that they have minimal or no discomfort at all.

Anyone receiving a single dental implant will feel well enough to return to work the next day. People who have had more complicated tooth extractions, for example, when a tooth is impacted, report feeling more pain with these procedures than during dental implant treatment.

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