When You Need a Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The third molars in the back of the mouth are known as wisdom teeth. If they come in misaligned or are affected by cavities or decay, they may need to be extracted. At Brooklyn LuxDen Dental Center, we can examine your wisdom teeth to determine whether or not you need an extraction. The process can be done in a short period of time, usually in an hour, and within a few days, you begin to heal.

Why Wisdom Teeth Need to Come Out

There are many possible reasons why a wisdom tooth may require a tooth extraction. Oftentimes, they become trapped within the gums or impacted, causing pain and discomfort. They also can have extensive tooth decay, which may lead to gum disease as they are too far in the back of the mouth to clean and floss properly. In these situations, the best solution for our dental patients in Brooklyn is to remove them. Wisdom tooth extraction prevents the infection from spreading and/or interfering with the health of your gums.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Brooklyn

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If you have wisdom teeth that have become painful or perhaps even infected, it’s important to schedule an appointment at LuxDen Dental Center. Our dental specialist in New York can examine your teeth and gums and determine if wisdom teeth removal is necessary for you.

At our Brooklyn, New York dental office, our high-qualified dentist in Brooklyn can remove your third molars in a relaxing and professional setting. Call us today at (718) 382-3444 to schedule an appointment to discuss wisdom teeth removal.