The LuxDen Experience

When you become a new patient with us, our team is committed to make your experience unparalleled to others. On your first consultation, you will meet the doctors and staff who will gather all information from your name to current dental condition. After we conduct all the necessary diagnostic procedures, we will present a detailed and individualized treatment plan created especially for you and your concerns. Our office is eco-friendly and completely paperless. We store and manage all the paperwork and imaging digitally and recycle all our paper products.

New Patient


● Panoramic X-Ray w/ Bitewings
● Professional Cleaning
● Full comprehensive exam
● Consultation with our doctor
*In absense of Gum Disease

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+ X-Ray


● Full Mouth Panoramic X-Ray
done in our office.

● Consultation with our doctor.

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Welcome to LuxDen DENTAL Center!

"The LuxDen philosophy is simple: treating the whole person and not just their teeth! When you join our practice, you become a member of our extended family. A healthy smile speaks volumes, let yours shine!"

Dr. Leonard Umanoff, DDS

Doctor of Dental Surgery

• Individualized and compassionate care for every patient.
• Satisfaction and unprecedented quality is our top priority.
• Thoughtful and personalized approach and planned treatment from A to Z.

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Amazing restorative procedure that completely replaces missing and damaged teeth.

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A "Cap" for your tooth to restore it's size, shape, strength and appearance.

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Endodontic Procedures

Any treatment that involves removing infected tissue from inside the tooth and prevention of contamination in the future.

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Surgical Procedures

Refers to a number of medical procedures to modify the teeth, jawbone or gums.

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Focuses on improving aesthetics in color, position, shape, size, alignment and overall smile appearance.

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Professional Cleanings

A fundamental part of your oral hygiene that is required for overall health and well being.

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