Renew Your Smile with a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Over the years, gum disease, tooth decay, cavities, and/or old, deteriorating dental work can lead to gaps in the teeth, a poor bite, infection, and pain. Sometimes the problems can add up and seem quite overwhelming. If you are suffering from multiple dental problems, you may want to renew your smile with a full mouth reconstruction. Our Brooklyn dental office has over twenty years of experience delivering comprehensive dental services to our patients, using the latest and most sophisticated technology.

Types of Full Mouth Reconstruction

There are several different types of full-mouth reconstructions available to meet your needs. The treatment can be broken up into sections that are done over months or years – replacing bad crowns or veneers one at a time to create better teeth but with no improvement of the bite – or, completed all at once, making it easier to match the porcelain colors of the crowns to your natural tooth color and improve the bite somewhat. For those who need more adjustment of the bite and improvement of the appearance of the face, mouth reconstruction with bite and jaw repositioning may be a desirable option. The LuxDen Dental Center will be happy to answer any questions you may have about full mouth reconstruction.

Call to Schedule an Appointment with a Full Mouth Reconstruction Dentist Today

If you are considering a full mouth reconstruction, call to schedule an appointment with the dentist today. At the LuxDen Dental Center, we have modern, computerized 3D imaging systems that will give us a comprehensive picture of your mouth and all the areas that need improvement. We offer a relaxing and supportive setting for you to receive all your dental care in a friendly and caring environment, as well as a complete treatment plan and estimate of costs. Call us at (718) 382-3444 and let our top-rated dentist help you achieve the smile of your dreams!