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Brooklyn Cosmetic Dentistry Blog

About Dental Implants in Brooklyn, New York

Dental implants can replace missing teeth and reconstruct a mouth with many missing teeth. At LuxDen Dental Center, we have years of experience restoring a patient’s oral health with dental implants. We take adequate time to create a professional and customized treatment plan best meets our patient’s needs. This initial customization occurs at our patient’s […]

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Fix Old Dental Implants with Dental Implant Repair in Brooklyn, New York

Dental implants are a great way to replace teeth that have deteriorated to the point that they cannot be repaired by simple crown placement. Most of the time, dental implants work beautifully and provide the patient with a tooth that looks as good as new, but sometimes, things go wrong. If you have dental implants that […]

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A Bone Graft Dentist Can Restore Your Smile in Brooklyn, New York

As we age, old dental work, such as fillings, can decay and take parts of the tooth with them, damaging the tooth so much that it is impossible to repair. Additionally, a bone graft may be necessary if the surrounding jaw area shrunk or is too thin to support an implant. If you believe you may […]

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How Dental Crowns Can Help Your Oral Health in Brooklyn

Crowns are placed over the teeth to improve the durability, function, strength, and appearance of teeth. They are used in our New York dental office when a tooth has severe decay, is cracked, or even if an old filling needs to be replaced. These crowns are custom made for each of our Brooklyn dental patients, […]

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